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Modular Robotics Workstation

The solution for new and existing production environments.

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Modulare Robotic Workstation

Die Lösung für neue und bestehende Produktions­­umgebungen.

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A future-proof, easily
expandable automation tool that adapts seamlessly to growing production requirements.

Ready to use

Ready for immediate use! Precise environmental analysis ensures safe and smooth integration into your production environment.


The user-friendly interface, simple programming and preconfigured processes make handling considerably easier.

Supply Chain

Standardised docking
options and optional extensions guarantee seamless supply chain integration.


Significant operating cost savings and continuous production ensure that your investment pays for itself within 12-16 months.


Your complete system for efficient and safe automation

Maximise your production efficiency and reduce costs with FlexiMate, the advanced automation system from Engmatec. Designed to respond directly to the shortage of skilled labour, FlexiMate facilitates the automation of repetitive tasks and promotes the smooth introduction of new technologies into your production process. Thanks to its modular design and plug-and-play technology, FlexiMate is quickly installed and ready for immediate use, drastically reducing implementation time and helping you realise a faster return on your investment.

With its user-friendly software that requires no in-depth programming knowledge and advanced radar technology for precise motion detection, FlexiMate provides a safe working environment.

Choose FlexiMate to expand your production capacity and meet the challenges of an ever-changing industrial landscape. With its expandable architecture, additional features and modules can be easily added to keep pace with the growing needs of your business. Invest in FlexiMate and experience how innovative automation can increase your productivity and reduce your operating costs while providing the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Customised to your needs - flexibly configurable

Basic modular robot workstation
Tray shelf left. Trays on floor rollers on the right (AGV-compatible)
Trays on floor rollers left + right (AGV-compatible)
KLT's on floor rollers left + right
Material feeder with 1 magazine and NIO tray
Material feeder with 3 magazines and NIO tray
Tray shelf left. Tray on the right on AMR
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Set a new standard in your production

FLEXIMATE takes safety to a new level with its advanced radar technology. It precisely recognises who or what is in the work area and reliably distinguishes between stationary and moving objects. FlexiMate ensures efficiency and continuity thanks to its automatic fast restart.

Example: An operator enters the safety area of the system and places an object there. Depending on the defined area, the robot slows down or stops completely. After the person has left the area, the system identifies the object as stationary and automatically resumes operation within 4 seconds.

Yellow area: Robot goes into safe, reduced speed

Red area:

FLEXIMATE is characterised by a user-friendly interface and simple, intuitive programming so that you can work effectively without any special, in-depth knowledge. With pre-installed settings, the system fits seamlessly into your everyday life and makes operation much easier.

FLEXIMATE combines the precision and performance of an industrial robot with the ability to work together collaboratively. A common area of application is the handling of PCBs, where the robot is used in a similar way to an industrial robot due to the sharp-edged boards. In difference, FLEXIMATE does not require programming by specialised personnel. However, thanks to its hybrid function, the system can also function as a collaborative robot if required, for example for handling problematic workpieces.

FLEXIMATE is designed to adapt precisely to your individual production requirements. Our services go far beyond providing an automation solution; we support you with comprehensive situation analyses to ensure optimal integration into your production environment. We also develop customised processes to maximise the efficiency of your production processes and design special gripping tools if required. Safety analyses are the basis for a well planned design that ensures smooth and safe operation.

Technical specifications

Surface area and weights

Size: 770×650 mm
Robot handling: max. 12 kg,
Suction gripper: max. 10 kg,
Parallel gripper: max. 165 N gripping force

Tray sizes

Tray size: max. 400 x 600 mm,
KLT size: max. 400 x 600 mm,
Magazine size: up to size L
(utilisation up to 460×470 mm)

Gripper, reach, speed

1-n (suction and parallel gripper),
1200 mm (radius),
1.3 m/s average

Safety technology

3-dimensionally adjustable,
automatic adjustment

Possible adaptations

Hand adapter, HF test system,
Interchangeable kits for various test systems and other processes

Worktable features

Table base plate, Workstation lighting LED, 12 U rack,
holder for gripper station

Do you have individual requirements ?

We will find the right configuration for your Cobot workstation.

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