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Assembly systems

Our automation solutions allow the linking of a wide range of manufacturing processes, from feeding to packaging. All of these solutions employ sophisticated test technology – our core competence.
Depending on the specific requirements, we can implement the systems as manual workstations, rotary indexing tables, linked cells, or as complete inline production systems. For us, it goes without saying that all workstations must always have an ergonomic and safe design.
The use of high-quality sensor technology offers 100% process control. In addition, all relevant data is recorded and integrated into workflow and MES systems to ensure end-to-end traceability.


Manual process module
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Semi-automatic process module
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Fully automatic process module
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Handling and transport
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Joining, positioning, and assembly
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Integration with traceability systems
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Assembly and testing expertise from a single source

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Custom solutions

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Economical concepts

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Minimization of production errors

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Savings through reduced manpower requirement

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Transparency in the production process

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