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Assembly system

An assembly system is a specialised production system that is used for the manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly or production of components. An assembly system can map several steps of a manufacturing process using various stations. This automates processes, reduces manufacturing costs, increases production speeds and guarantees consistent conditions and quality.

Fully automated assembly system for a car radio key with end-of-line test in a shielded test environment

How is an assembly system constructed?

An assembly system is made up of one or more process modules and consists of a large number of components. These include robots, conveyor belts, assembly equipment, testing equipment, cameras, sensors and control systems. In addition to the pure mechanics, the control technology is an essential component that ensures that processes are coordinated and monitored.

An assembly system is made up of one or more process modules and consists of a large number of components. These include robots, conveyor belts, assembly equipment, testing equipment, cameras, sensors and control systems. In addition to the pure mechanics, the control technology is an essential component that ensures that processes are coordinated and monitored.

Types of automated
assembly systems

What types of automated assembly systems are there?

There are many different types of assembly systems, which differ mainly in their degree of automation and modifiability. The spectrum ranges from interlinked individual workstations, rotary indexing systems and robot systems to inline concepts with longitudinal indexing assembly machines. Depending on the task, assembly systems are realised as manual workstations, rotary indexing tables, interlinked standard cells or, for example, as complete inline production systems.

The optimum automation depends on various factors such as the number of units, cycle or cycle time, complexity of the processes, variety of types or location. The trend is towards variant-flexible, modifiable and reusable production systems in order to secure investments for as long as possible.

Efficient automation of assembly processes in high-performance production systems

Fully automatic assembly lines

Fully automated production lines are a type of automatic assembly machine used in the manufacturing industry. Various processes, such as assembly, sorting or soldering, are organised in one line in order to increase production efficiency.

Semi-automatic assembly systems

In semi-automatic assembly systems, some of the assembly processes are automated while others are carried out manually.

Rotary transfer system with pressfit, robot handling and EOL
Component handling with robots and intelligent camera technology
Precise alignment process for the assembly of displays
Manual mounting area in an assembly line
Complex assembly device using actuators
Final packaging in blister packs and small load carriers
Pick and place with subsequent housing latching
Quick product change thanks to double gripper system

What is the importance of assembly systems?

Assembly systems are key components in electronics production. Especially for the mass production of electronic devices such as mobile phones, sensors, displays, controllers and many automotive electronics components. Electronics production in particular can be very challenging due to its complex nature and high precision requirements. Parts and components must be positioned very precisely to ensure faultless function.

Assembly systems can not only increase precision, but also accelerate production speed and thus reduce overall production time. Flexible assembly systems that can be customised for different products and requirements are often needed. They enable rapid changeover and adaptation to changing production requirements.

Systems designed according to the matrix production concept offer particular advantages in terms of adaptability, efficiency and cost savings. Matrix production allows different product variants to be manufactured on the same production line. This maximises the capacity utilisation of the production facilities and makes it possible to react more quickly to market changes and customer preferences.
The use of sensibly and functionally developed assembly systems can therefore make a significant contribution to increasing a manufacturer’s competitiveness on the market.

Assembly systems from Engmatec

Engmatec is a specialist and experienced partner for assembly systems. Specialising in electronics and mechatronics production, our products are used all over the world. Our automation solutions bring together a wide variety of manufacturing processes. We are particularly strong in the combination of automated assembly systems and special machines with professionally integrated end-of-line testing technology, especially in the electronics sector. Our core expertise lies in particular in sophisticated test technology.

Assembly processes in our automation systems

ENGMATEC takes over the assembly of your products and integrates all the necessary processes such as feeding, material handling, positioning, assembly and testing.

Our feeding systems enable both manual and automated feeding of components, whether in organised form in defined transport containers or as bulk material. ENGMATEC offers intelligent handling systems specifically for PCBs and assemblies. Depending on the requirements, we integrate either a product carrier circulation system, a rotary indexing table, robot handling or axis and gripper systems.

In addition to component handling, assembly systems include customised process modules for joining, adjusting and labelling. Processes such as weighing and dosing, greasing, dispensing or soldering are also integrated. Packaging stations are often found at the end of a system.


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Why Engmatec

We know what we can do. And we continue to develop with you. Thanks to proven assembly technology and efficient assembly systems, we achieve optimised production processes and the highest quality standards for our customers.

  • 30 years of experience as a competent partner for automation solutions specialising in electronics & mechatronics production

  • Testing and assembly expertise from a single source

  • Maximum flexibility in finding and realising solutions

  • Project management based on the automotive standard

  • End-to-end ERP and product lifecycle management to support project management

  • Maximum transparency in the production process

  • Minimisation of errors within your production

  • Significant cost savings through reduction of personnel requirements

  • Customised service tailored to your needs

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