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Hot/cold thermal test system

To ensure the safety of vehicle occupants, the cold and hot testing of electronic assemblies in passenger cars are of crucial importance. This is because, throughout a car’s life cycle, thermal stress poses a particularly great challenge. Components can fail at very high or low temperatures, resulting in the failure of entire systems. However, the electronics in safety-critical components in particular must also function under extreme conditions.

One of our customers faced the challenge of ensuring this. To meet this challenge, a fully automatic continuous system for temperature testing was required. The customer had to test the power electronics for an on-board voltage system.

In the cold and hot tests, the electronic components are subjected to loads ranging from −40 °C to +140 °C.



Functional tests
of electronic assemblies



Functional tests 
of electronic assemblies



under extreme load


ENGMATEC designed a circulating system for the functional testing of components at different temperatures. High-precision inline testing with passive product temperature control from −40 °C to +140 °C was implemented as a continuous process. This made it possible to already detect possible product defects during the manufacturing process, thereby eliminating any risk.

The solution enables the customer to dock its own product-specific test system. Furthermore, it also allows the configuration of expansion stages for a system with active temperature control during long cycle times according to the framework parameters.

Your advantages

0 1

Ensuring the function 

of safety-critical electronics 

0 2

Low manpower 

required for loading due to fully automatic line 

0 3

Simple integration 

with intralogistics 

0 4

Can also be applied 

for battery management, control electronics, fuel cells, and more

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Defective product components detected early on

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