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Case study

Fully automated testing of printed circuit boards

A customer came to us with an order for the fully automated testing of printed circuit boards. These form the core of a radar sensor and must therefore meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

Given the high volume in which they are manufactured, the main focus was on the cycle time, which had to be reduced as much as possible. The automation concept was further developed over several system generations, so that we were able to reduce the cycle time per individual printed circuit board to 3 seconds. Another advantage is that the complete line has a setup time of less than 10 minutes.
Due to the modular concept, a system for small volumes would also be feasible.

The concept is based on many years of experience and many generations of these lines. Exchangeable product-specific contacting allows different PCBs to be tested – whether for radar sensors, control units, or other electronics.

Cycle time


due to parallel processes
and multiple testing



due to integration
with traceability system



due to sufficient buffer
capacities for the material

Vollautomatische Prüfanlage für Leiterplatten. Es wird die Funktion und Qualität von Leiterplatten für Radarsensoren überprüft.


To generate a cost-effective solution for the customer, ENGMATIC employed standardized board handling modules and test handlers and integrated depaneling machines. Various contacting concepts, such as full-surface contacting or step operation, were employed both to satisfy the cycle time requirement and to lower the capital expenditure.

Your advantages

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Low cycle time 

0 2

Standardized, scalable modules

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Individual integration with measuring systems

0 4

No contamination due to operator intervention

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Flexible use for different products

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