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Automatically loaded integrated test handlerg

Constantly increasing demands on automated plants are the everyday business of ENGMATEC GmbH. Especially the reduction of cycle times and thus the enhancement of the output often plays a central role..

ENGMATEC has already implemented various solutions for this purpose. For example, the automatic loading of our modular test system using a shuttle system reduces cycle times. In the example shown here, three contacting modules working in parallel were combined in a small installation space. Each of these contacting modules operates independently of the neighboring one and is also securely separated in terms of space. This allows maintenance and optimization without line downtime.

The system can be used for panels as well as for single PCBs. In a typical application, for example, the DUTs are fed from an unloader to a free contacting module via the shuttle transport system. The shuttle has two levels that raise and lower during movement, enabling printed circuit boards to be changed on the fly. An already tested or even flashed DUT is unloaded, the previously retrieved PCB is moved into the contacting module and directly afterwards, without any loss of time, the finished DUT is transported from the shuttle to the output slot and transferred to the subsequent system.


This process shortens handling times and maximizes tester efficiency. Smart board handling thus makes it possible to optimize cycle times and increase throughput.

In addition, the system features automatic belt width adjustment for different product types. The test equipment is integrated directly in the test handler above or below the contacting.

The example shows a solution with 4 flashers with a handling time of 10 seconds.

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