Adhesive Tape & EMI

Robot-supported Adhesive Tape & EMI Application

In many application areas, adhesive or so-called EMI tapes are used in the assembly of products. Constantly increasing demands require precise positioning of the tapes.
Usually, the tapes are available on a carrier film with an additional protective film. The individual tapes must be fed from the rolls and then separated and applied.


The challenge in this process is to avoid rippling of the carrier film when the tape is pulled off. The tapes must be accurately and reproducibly peeled off and applied to the customer's product. The combination of robot and feeding system plays a central role here.


ENGMATEC solves these requirements by unwinding and feeding the tapes from a roll at a time. For this purpose, the carrier film serves as a traction device. The tapes are pulled off by means of robotic movement over a pull-off edge. Encoder rollers from the dispenser translate the linear movement of the robot into a rotational movement of the film dispenser, so that the tension of the film is guaranteed.

This application is used for a wide variety of applications and tapes and can also be expanded as required.

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