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Case study

Control unit for driver assistance systems

A customer contracted us to perform automated assembly and end-of-line testing of a control unit for driver assistance systems. It was also to check for leaks and handle other processes, such as packaging and labeling. Process automation had become necessary to create a link between temperature-dependent processes and ensure their proper sequence.

A special challenge here was the very limited available space. In addition, testing had to take place in a test environment that was shielded from the surrounding environment, free of interference, and reproducible.

Cycle time


through optimally
timed processes



compact design – low space requirement



in a highly confined space


ENGMATEC developed a rotary indexing table that combines all processes from press-fitting, including redundant force-displacement monitoring, to dispensing, curing, and packaging. In addition, it tests the products – as requested – for leak-tightness and function.

The compact system requires only limited staff to operate and features interfaces in the product fixtures allowing future use with related products.

Your advantages

0 1

High flexibility 

due to modular design

0 2

Further use possible

Minimal setup effort for product variants

0 3


due to quickly changeable fixture kits and product carriers 

0 4

Low space requirement 

due to compact design

0 5

Process reliability 

and reduced defect rate due to automation 

0 6

Low manpower 

required due to automation and simple operation

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