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Case study

Assembly and testing of USB charging ports

USB charging ports in cars are used as a quick and reliable means to charge electronic devices or connect them to the vehicle. One of our customers required a solution for assembling and testing just such charging ports.

The task was to integrate many processes within a confined space, including packaging and labeling, and to adhere to a cycle time of only 7 seconds.

The system also had to be designed in such a way that further lines utilizing the same concept could be set up for other products, while ensuring uniformity in layout and operation.

Cycle time


due to parallel processes
and bypass function

Setup time


due to intelligent
quick change system



due to sufficient buffer
capacities for the material

Prüfnester eines End of Line Tests. Automatische Beladung der Prüflinge mittels eines Roboters. Automatische Kontaktierung durch verschleißfeste Prüfstecker.


ENGMATEC developed a fully automated assembly solution with end-of-line testing offering a space-optimized design with integrated standard processes. A short cycle time is achieved through parallel testing in ten EOL test stations. In addition, an intelligent bypass function aids in reducing the lead time – with no major capital expenditure required.

Your advantages

0 1

Low space requirement 

thanks to space-optimized solution 

0 2


due to reusability 

0 3

Short cycle time 

due to parallel assembly and testing processes 

0 4

Turnkey docking of the line 

to upstream production system 

0 5

Can be reused 

for seat control, convertible top control, inductive charging cradles, and more

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