Test fixtures

Test Fixtures

Test piece-specific development

ENGMATEC produces inline fixtures for test adapters and inline systems.

Devices are developed depending on the test piece.
ENGMATEC covers the complete service spectrum from editing the test piece specific data (drilling, routing and wiring data) via the mechanical development up to wiring and possibly wiring test.

Our performance spectrum also comprises service and maintenance of the modular equipment for manually and pneumatically driven test adapters.

We guarantee high quality along with short delivery dates!

Connector contactings
Button actuations
Image processing

Flexible test fixture concept

Basierend auf den ENGMATEC-Standardgeräten bieten wir ein flexibles Modulsystem an, das die Verwendung eines Wechselsatzes sowohl in Handadaptern als auch in Inline-Kontaktiersystemen ermöglicht.

Based on the ENGMATEC standard units, we offer a flexible modular system that provides the use of an test fixture in both hand adapters and inline contacting systems.

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