ENGMATEC Smart Contact Cell

With this development for the ICT and FKT test, our innovative tandem shuttle system is used for the first time.

Stand-alone test equipment for ICT and FKT tests
The ENGMATEC Smart Contact Cell works with carriers which move above and below each other. This enables parallel feeding and unloading the test pieces which considerably reduces handling times.

The operator places the equipment to be tested manually on a carrier and closes a cover. The ENGMATEC tandem shuttle then transports the carrier automatically to the test position and the contacting platform moves to the test piece. At the same time, a second carrier with the tested product is returned to its placement position and is then ready to be loaded again. If the test result was not okay, the insertion flap is locked and the test piece can be unloaded only after the acknowledgement button has been actuated.

The transport and contacting time is approx. 3 seconds!
The very fast exchange of fixtures makes the test equipment especially flexible.

Dimensions L/W/H1350 / 700 / 1400 mm
Working Heightca. 1050 mm
Test electronics19” Rack, 11 HE
Control CabinetIn the front floor area 600 / 600 / 210 mm
DUT TransportTandem-Shuttle-System
Maximum useable surface 160 x 210 mm
Weightca. 300 kg
Colourlight grey, matt
Transport and contacting timeca. 3 seconds



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Industrial Function Test for electronics
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