Contact and test interfaces with highly wear-free testplugs

Test plugs

Industry-standard contacting connectors for testing the most commonly used interfaces

As an important component of modern test strategies, the end-of-line test in electronics is increasingly gaining importance, both in the telecommunications industry and in the automotive industry and in industrial electronics. The present standardization of plug connections is a basic requirement for an economically sensible development of efficient, highly wear resistant test connectors.

Industry-standard contacting connectors

We offer industry-standard contacting connectors for testing the most frequently used plug connections, e.g. USB, HDMI and RJ interfaces.
The connectors have been specially developed for use in in-circuit and functional tests.

It is not unusual for test equipment to run in 3-shift operation, this often means several thousand plugging cycles per day for the connector contacting units. This requires test connectors specially designed for this application.
ENGMATEC test connectors are made of especially abrasion-resistant high-tech plastic material. The copper beryllium (CuBe) contact wires are glued into the connector basic body and also suitable for high plugging cycles. The specially designed plug tip allows low-wear contacting of the sockets and prevents preliminary damage to the contact springs. In combination with a pneumatic contacting unit, the plugs can be installed in a variety of test adapters.

Optionally, the following accessories are available:
■  Floating bearing and self-centering attachments
■  Cable and connector assembly according to customer requirements
■  Complete contacting unit with pneumatic actuation and sensors for path monitoring

The delivery program for test connectors from ENGMATEC includes all usual types for Western-Min, USB, USB-Micro, HDMI and TAE. Special shapes, special lengths and self-coded connector shapes can be realized as requested by the customer.
We will gladly advise you with regard to concrete tasks, i.e. whether a plug connection with industry-standard emulations can be contacted wear-free. On request, we can perform a feasibility study. We require CAD data or data sheets of the plug connection as well as sample parts for this study.

Some exemplary test connectors

RJ45 test plug

» RJ45 Testplug

» USB Testplug

» TAE Testplug

Some examples for built-in contacting connectors

» RJ45 Testplugs

» USB Testplugs

» Mini-USB and RJ Testplugs