Environmental test electronics

Temperature test

Function and reliability under extreme conditions

In the field of environmental simulation, ENGMATEC provides a large range of efficient systems for quality assurance, development and production.

Thermal test and calibration - quality assurance

Electronics withstand heat and cold
Faults generated under extreme loads must be recognized as early as possible in the manufacturing process. For this reason, a test of the components and assemblies under simulation of actually existing environmental influences - especially extreme temperatures - is necessary. A run-in test during production increases the reliability of the electronic components.

The delivery program comprises both climate test equipment as batch version (temperature test cabinets) and continuous tunnel systems with inline capability (DTA).

The use of stand-alone climate cabinets is suitable for market segments with lower production quantities.When assemblies are produced in high annual quantities, e.g. in the automotive industry, the use of continuous tunnel systems with process-integrated test systems is often more economical.

A further segment of our product range comprises the calibration of devices. A typical application example from the building technology field is the temperature calibration of heat meters.

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Test Cabinets for Temperature Tests
Inline temperature test
High temperature test

Inline temperature test of electronic assemblies (Kopie 1)

Inline temperature test of electronic assemblies
Environmental simulation test systems
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Inline temperature test