Test systems

Standard products for  flexible solutions - test engineering for in circuit an functional test

We offer complete systems with ICT and functional test, handling system and transport system.
An efficient module system allows flexible combination of series equipment and thereby the realization of customer-specific solutions.

In compliance with the requirements, we design test systems for large or small batch production, as individual solution or inline equipment. Different technologies of electronics, image processing, mechanics and pneumatics are purposefully selected and combined. The selection depends on product-specific factors such as quantity, complexity or quality requirements.

The integration of professional test technology in efficient automation processes is our unique selling point in this market segment. The concentration of our long-standing competences in these fields creates synergies useful for our customers.

We provide a comprehensive spectrum of test solutions for electronics:

» Fixtures

» Test plugs

» Indexing tables

» Stand-Alone Systems

» Mechanical test adapters

» Inline Test Systems