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Test adapters

Comprehensive adapter program for in-circuit and functional tests

Our standard range of products comprises mechanical and pneumatic test adapters for the functional test of assemblies, components and equipment. The comprehensive adapter system is characterized by very flexible application options. The test equipment is designed for in-circuit and functional tests and can be used as individual devices or integrated in workplaces.

Processing specific for the test piece is of course also possible on request.

Test adapter for in-circuit and functional test

Test adaptations for your product: Functional tests and ICT tests

Based on many years of experience, we can offer a high degree of functional reliability, short realization times and an attractive price-performance ratio.

3522-2 / p3522-2
One-hand operation
Adapter Small
m2322 / p2322
Base area520 x 418 mm520 x 418 mm400 x 400 mm
Total height max. 225 mm225 mm225 mm
Weight max.ca. 12 kgca. 12 kgca. 11 kg
Effective surface350 x 220 mm350 x 220 mm230 x 220 mm
Pressure down stroke 10 mm10 mm10 mm
Contact pin carrier plate10 mm 10 mm 12 mm
Contact pressure manual350 N350 N
Contact pressure pneum.600 N600 N600 N
Transfer interface6 Stück 96pin6 Stück 96pinmax. 4 St. 96pin