Assembly automation for production plants

Assembly equipment

We provide engineering competence and innovative solutions for the most different production processes, from assembly to packaging.

Assembly equipment for automation of your production processes

Depending on requirements, ENGMATEC designs assembly systems from the single workstation to high-volume production.

Economically viable automation levels and modular extendability are as much part of our systems as ergonomic workplace design.

ENGMATEC assembly systems are based on an interconnection of our standard modules according to customer requirements. All components are matched with each other and can be combined with each other as well as with various production systems. Scanners, marking systems and many other functions can be integrated without problems.

The systems cover various processes, such as feeding, assembly, installing, marking, testing or packaging. Component feeding is realized for example with vibratory bowl feeders, vibrating rails, trays, blister tapes or magazines. The installed parts can be joined by screwing, riveting, pressing, welding, soldering etc. Marking of products ranges from simple dot marking up to complete graphic customer labels.
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Our equipment provides 100% process control by using high-value sensor technologies, e.g. force/displacement monitoring and vision systems. To ensure continuous traceability, the relevant process data of all assembly and test processes are acquired and sent to a higher data acquisition system.

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