Test and measuring technology for PCBs and electronic assemblies

Test technologies

Precise and reliable, from printed circuit board testing to complete solutions

You can rely on the highest level of experience as well as a wide range of technologies used in our test and measuring technology business unit. Our core competence is testing printed circuit boards, electronic assemblies and equipment up to complex overall solutions.

Functional test systems are an important part of the quality assurance of electronic products. During production, the quality of the equipment or assemblies must be checked either in interim steps or at the end of the production process. We provide end-of-line test systems for the final complete functional test of finished products and installed subassemblies.
The functional test is often also combined with an in-circuit test. In the in-circuit test, PCBs with mounted components or electronic components are contacted and tested for faults in printed conductor routing, soldering and component faults.

In-circuit, Functional, EOL Test
  • In-circuit test
  • Functional test
  • Flashing
  • EOL Test (End of Line)
  • Temperature tests
  • Haptic tests
  • HF tests
  • High-current tests
  • Connection to traceability systems
  • Line management
  • Image processing

Our test systems minimize test times and costs and can considerably optimize your production processes. The spectrum comprises, among others, test adapters for in-circuit tests and functional tests, adaptations for HF technology and contacting units for electronics connectors.

The balancing act between customer-specific developments with high requirements on quality and, at the same time, enormous cost and time pressure is especially apparent in the test technology sector. We master this balancing act with flexible system modules and well thought-out basic concepts.

Our design engineers find optimum solutions for standard tasks as well as for exceptional requirements.