USB-3.0 Test plugs

Function test on production

High quality - low abrasion

Interfaces are found in practically every device in consumer electronics and also in the industrial sector. USB technology is widely used as a serial interface for connecting peripheral devices to a computer or to each other.

Advantages of USB 3.0 connections:

USB 3.0, also called Superspeed USB, transfers data up to 5 GBit/s, simultaneously in both directions. The maximum current of 900 mA brings some advantages, such as the external power supply can be avoided for hard drives.

To guarantee the reliability of products or assemblies, tests are required during the production process. For this purpose, the products are contacted with the connectors by a test system via built-in interfaces. Special test plugs are required for contacting suitable for automation, as the original plugs do not have the necessary wear resistance.

ENGMATEC produces special connector replicas with very high plug cycles for such industrial tests.

ENGMATEC knows the field in which the test plugs are installed very well. In addition, we use the connectors in our own test systems and know their performance in practical use from our own experience. Furthermore, endurance tests for the required stability are carried out under real conditions - long service life guaranteed!

The plugs have also proven successful in special customer-specific test environments with special requirements for current-carrying capacity and higher voltages.

More information about our wear-resistant test plugs:

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