Self-scalable system

Precise component positioning

Intelligent vision systems for precise component positioning

Every assembly process involves the joining of two components. Positioning precision plays a special role in this process. Particularly in applications where very high accuracy is required, the right system is essential. If different product sizes are also to be processed, special solutions are required.

ENGMATEC offers a solution for this, in which a positioning accuracy of two components to each other of 0.1 mm can be guaranteed.

The solution consists of two cameras. One of them is statically mounted, the other can be moved along an axis. This offers the possibility to join different product sizes with the same system and the same level of accuracy.

The system is designed in a way that the cameras reference themselves via so-called fiducials. This verifies the exact distance between the two cameras.

When the first component is placed in the joining area, the cameras detect the exact position of the component relative to the fiducial marks. As soon as the second component is transported into the joining area by a robot, the cameras also recognize its exact position by specific features. The deviations are determined by offsetting the different system coordinates and the joining process of the components is controlled iteratively.

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