Intelligent Feed & Pick System


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Flexfeeder and cameras in intelligent applications

Just about every process begins with the feeding of a very diverse range of components. Whether ordered from trays or free in its orientation as bulk material, ENGMATEC has a solution for every type of feeding.

We are particularly proud of our Flexfeeder solution. Our customer provides his product as bulk material and can fill the buffers of the feeding system easily and quickly. Our Flexfeeding solution manages the rest.

The basis is a FlexCube system with a bunkersystem of our partner Rhein-Nadel-Automation. A sufficient number of components is always provided on the flexfeeding plate. A camera over the pick area detects the component pattern/shape and the component position. With this information, the robot can pick up the component precisely and quickly to transport it for further processing.

For a wide variety of component parts, the system can be multiplied, for example as a 3-fold flex feeder. In this configuration, three feeder systems are combined so that the robot can pick up the 3 individual components one after the other with a 3-fold gripper and then insert them into the main assembly. The cycle time is 3 seconds per component.

Special feature:

The system offers a special feature with regard to the usability. The system is designed in that way that it has a so-called "reverse teaching" function. This means that new component geometries are learned in independently by the system. To do this, the user simply has to place the new or modified product in a defined pre-position. The product is picked up by the robot and placed in each of four positions in the pick area. The camera above collects this image information and provides the robot with the required information. This allows a new product to be industrialized in just a few hours.

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