Same test system - different product

Test Fixtures

Test equipment such as the ENGMATEC Test Handler (ETH) contacts PCBs and similar DUTs to test them with the test system. In this way, different DUTs can be flexibly tested on the same system, a product-dependent contacting system is required: the test fixture, a specific interchangeable adapter.

Like a drawer, the fixture kit can be exchanged in a very short time and so the machine can be retooled easily and quickly. Automatic locks pull the test fixture to the specified position and connect it to the machine. Here, all electrical and pneumatic connections are closed. But not only electrical signals can be transferred via this interface, but also high-frequency signals, fiber optics, etc.

The product is contacted, scanned, actuated, read out or programmed via the adapter, light sources can be scanned and much more. Both from above, from below - and from the side.

Depending on the requirement, you can get a wide variety of designs, for example:

  • Wide range of possible test piece sizes
  • Multiple contact through stepping
  • Step-by-step contacting for multiple test types

Feel free to contact us for an individual consultation. Due to our decades of experience, we will find a tailor-made solution for you, too!

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