Foil Handling

Camera-assisted robot application

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Camera-assisted positioning and alignment process

Displays can be found in more and more devices and applications. It's a good thing that ENGMATEC has already gained quite a bit of experience with this and that the engineers have worked out one or two solutions.

One of the biggest challenges is to position the different display foils in relation to each other. Precise joining of flexible components is not possible? Yes it can!

Thanks to sophisticated camera technology and the combination of two robots, ENGMATEC is able to ensure very precise and accurate positioning of the display foils.

The foils are fed from a magazine. The robot's special vacuum gripper picks up the sensitive components from the magazine, separates them using special gripping technology and then feeds the components into the alignment station. Here, two cameras determine the exact position and compare the different coordinate systems of the product, the alignment station and the robot. This compensates for any deviating position and ensures the reproducible position of the foil.

The display frames are loaded via a further magazine. An additional robot picks up the frames, which are cleaned by a plasma nozzle. They are then transported to the alignment station, where they are joined to the display foil with high precision using camera technology.

This application makes it possible to achieve component positioning of ±50µm at a component size of 250mm.

The process can be used for different displays. Information Cluster Displays (ICD), Central Information Displays (CID) and Passenger Information Displays (PID) can be mounted in this way. In addition, different sizes (6.9, 11.9, 12.3, 12.9 inches, etc.) and different technologies (backlight, LED, OLED) can be processed.

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