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Cooperation between ENGMATEC and Rehm:
Two strong partners complement each other

In order to protect the life and limb of vehicle occupants, cold and warm function tests of electronic assemblies in automobiles are of great importance. Two specialists in this field, ENGMATEC and Rehm Thermal Systems, have recently joined forces to improve road safety.

In concrete words, it is about the combination of ENGMATEC's test automation with Rehm's Securo test systems.
Automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are thus playing it safe and can guarantee the high reliability of the assemblies even under extreme temperature conditions.

During the cold and warm function tests, safety-relevant electronic components such as airbag controls, steering systems or wheel and ESP sensors are subjected to extreme thermal stresses of -40°C to +120°C. In the course of a car's life, this thermal stress poses a particular challenge.

The aim is to detect possible faults during the manufacturing process and to eliminate any risk. As a specialist for thermal system solutions, with Securo Rehm has a test system in its portfolio that is suitable for a wide range of assemblies with flexibly usable circulating goods carriers.

Production processes in the automotive industry are closely timed. Since Securo can be integrated into the production process as an inline solution, users save time and money.
With the system configuration, a 100 percent inspection can be realized with cycle times between ten and 15 seconds.