Flexible test fixture

Reduce your investment costs for test systems

Test fixture für flexible Prüfgeräte

ENGMATEC will present at the SMT 2013 in Nuremberg/Germany a new test concept with a standardized fixture kit for manual test adapters and inline test equipment.

For pre-series and early production the exchange set can be used in a cost-efficient test fixture. Only minimum retrofit is required to use the same component in an inline-contact cell. The charm of this solution is that the initial investment required when starting the production of a new board is relatively low and will only go up as production volumes increase. The standardized module system facilitates the simple and fast conversion of equipment, which in turns also means optimum flexibility with regard to production sites.

test fixture Prüfadapter

Our specialists at the exhibition will gladly demonstrate how you can benefit from it. Visit us at our Stand 434 in Hall A6.

Based on many years of experience, ENGMATEC offers a high degree of functional reliability, short realization periods and an attractive price-performance ratio.