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ESD and clean room compatibility

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ESD and cleanroom compatible design of production systems

In more and more industries, special requirements must be met. ENGMATEC has been at home in the electronics industry, among others, for years and can relate to a lot of experience in the ESD- and cleanroom-compatible design of its machines.

Especially with electronic components, electrostatic charging plays a very important role. But also in applications where electrical charge is generated by relative movements of two components, the correct handling of this charge is enormously important in order to avoid subsequent defects of the product.

Electrical charge is generated when handling or pulling off sensitive components, such as foils for display assembly. Complications can then arise due to transfer or charge flashover to other components. Similarly, problems arise during handling due to adhesion to grippers or repulsive and attractive forces during joining processes.

Another challenge is the contamination of sensitive components. For example, dust particles must not adhere to displays and other products.

Contamination is caused by the abrasion of components, the feeding of contaminated material or turbulence in the production environment. Humans also contribute to contamination by organic particles.

ENGMATEC's equipment complies with applicable ESD and cleanroom standards, depending on requirements. Electrostatic charges are neutralized by the reduction of positive and negative charges through ionization modules. The material supplied is already treated in this way. If this charge were not neutralized, components could even float up again and disrupt the assembly process.

In order to maintain a defined and constant state within the process cell, so-called flow boxes ensure an overpressure within the cell. This prevents particles from entering the cell. In addition, a laminar air flow is generated within the process cell, reducing turbulence, and thus creating a controlled environment. Filter modules on the cells additionally clean the ambient air so that only clean air enters the process cell.

Automatic cleaning cycles for components in contact with the product, compressed air treatment and exhaust, and special material selection ensure that ENGMATEC's systems meet requirements up to cleanroom class ISO 6 (according to ISO 14644-1).

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